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Average installation times, based on one experienced fitter
with all necessary tools and equipment


              COIL SPRINGS     LEAF SPRINGS  3 Hours                                   LEAF SPRINGS       5 Hours
                   Front             Rear                                               Front and Rear    4 Hours
                                                                                                          3 Hours
              STRUT            COIL SPRINGS  3 Hours                                        STRUT         5 Hours
               Front                 Rear                                               Front and Rear    4 Hours
                                                                                  LAND ROVER MODELS       5 Hours
              STRUT            LEAF SPRINGS  4 Hours
               Front                 Rear                                         VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK
                                                                                   MITSUBISHI PAJERO
              TORSION BAR      COIL SPRINGS  3 Hours                                        2000 +
                   Front             Rear                                           MITSUBISHI TRITON
                                                                                            2005 +
              TORSION BAR      LEAF SPRINGS  4 Hours
                   Front             Rear

              COIL SPRINGS                   2 Hours
              Front and Rear


              COIL SPRINGS                   1 Hour                               TORSION BARS            2 Hours
                    Pair                                                                 Pair

                     COIL SPRINGS            2 Hours                              STRUT SHOCK ABSORBERS   2 Hours
              Pair Independent Suspension                                                       Pair

                   COIL SPRINGS              2 Hours                              SHOCK ABSORBERS         1 Hour
              Pair with Existing Airbags                                                   Pair

              LEAF SPRINGS                   2 Hours                              STEERING DAMPER         0.5 Hour

                   LEAF SPRINGS              2.5 Hours                            CASTER CORRECTION BUSHES 2 Hours
              Pair with Existing Airbags

              All times to be used as a guide only, times may vary depending on experience and equipment. Pre existing modifications or accessories
              may also increase installation times. Always allow extra time for unforeseen issues or rusted components.

              Always use Ironman 4x4 Suspension Installation Form to record ride height before and after, vehicle and owner details.

              WHEEL ALIGNMENT

                SOLID AXLE                   0.5 Hour                             INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION  1 Hour
              Wheel Alignment                                                            Wheel Alignment

              Ironman 4x4 recommend a wheel alignment be performed after          Independent Front Suspension vehicles will generally result in
              installation or within 1 week, always ensure suspension is fully    increased toe-in when raised.
              settled before wheel alignment.                                     Total Toe: 0mm to -1.0mm.
              As a minimum, toe settings will require adjustment after raising    Solid Front Axle vehicles generally only allow toe adjustment.
              suspension.                                                         Total Toe +1mm to -1mm
              Camber and Caster settings are an important aspect and should be    4 Wheel Independent Suspension vehicles will require a 4
              maintained close to manufacturers specifications.                   wheel alignment to ensure front and rear wheels are true to the
              Consideration to road crown should be given.                        geometric centreline of the vehicle.
              It is advisable to induce slightly more (positive caster) and       Rear Total Toe: +1mm to +3.5mm (Do not set with Toe Out)
              (negative camber) on the kerb side wheel to help maintain           Front Total Toe: 0 to -1.0mm
              directional stability.                                              Optimal wheel alignment settings can vary between vehicles, the
              As a general rule of thumb it is recommended to adjust as follows:  above is to be used as a guide only, different ride heights may
              (Unless tyre wear dictates otherwise).                              require different settings. Always monitor tyre wear and pressures
                                                                                  and adjust accordingly.

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